Our Services

In Milwaukee, our camera-wired courtroom is a realistic and powerful setting for trial preparation. In other cities, we locate and coordinate the best facility for your needs. Either way, we offer a wide range of services to assist you in your preparation, including:

  • Mock Trial: Present your case and your opponent's case (as played by your co-counsel or one of us). Then, watch your juries deliberate in camera-wired jury rooms. You may be surprised at what you hear and see, and you will definitely gain insight into what works best. As you go, all jurors complete written surveys to help you fine tune your case.
  • Discovery Focus: Find out early on what claims and defenses are the most salient by meeting with representative jurors. Then shape your discovery to gather the information jurors most want to know.
  • View from the Bench: Try your arguments out on a former judge, or panel of judges, in a courtroom setting, and receive knowledgeable and candid feedback. . When you are finished, watch yourself in action and the reactions from the bench on split screen.
  • Private Trials: Sometimes, both sides agree that a dispute is best resolved behind closed doors. Our courtroom is an ideal setting for a confidential private trial, where you can air your grievances and not your trade secrets.

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