About Us

What we do

The Trial Science Institute is a jury consulting service of Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren, S.C. We are experienced trial lawyers ourselves, working in a realistic courtroom setting to help you learn from mock jurors (or retired judges), and to help you translate their lessons to effective and admissible trial presentation.

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What we don't do

Sometimes what you're not is as important as what you are. Here are some of the things we're not:

  • We offer insight, but don't claim clairvoyance. Unlike some, we don't claim we can give you a foolproof demographic profile of the perfect juror, and our experience makes us skeptical of such claims, because we recognize that every potential juror will come to your case with a unique combination of life experiences that cannot nor should not be reduced to stereotyping. Instead, we offer you insight that will guide you in distinguishing more desirable jurors from less desirable jurors.

  • We are consultants, not dictators. We don't claim we know your case better than you do. We'll offer insight and suggestions, but we know our main job is to provide the assistance you and your client are looking for.

  • We won't claim expertise where we don't have it. Just as expert witnesses get in trouble with juries when they "stretch" their expertise too far, trial consultants who claim to be everything from professional actors to graphic artists to sociologists do a disservice to their clients. Our own experience is as trial lawyers, particularly skilled in recognizing and explaining how you can translate the insights gained from your mock jury into admissible, manageable presentations in the real trial. In cases where the team needs a consultant with a different background, we can bring in colleagues in those areas and facilitate a smoothly functioning group effort.

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