View from the Bench

"To give a satisfactory decision as to the truth it is necessary to be rather an arbitrator than a party to the dispute."

Many, if not most, cases are won or lost on the decisions made by judges. Whether it is a motion to dismiss, summary judgment, or an appeal, judges often decide whether a case has legs. Therefore, the arguments you make can either persuade a judge to rule in your favor or to leave you without a leg to stand on.

At the Trial Science Institute, we recognize the importance of vetting arguments to an objective observer. That is why we help attorneys get objective advice on their arguments, by connecting them with former judges who can give a fresh look at the briefs they prepare and the arguments they advance. Some of the most prominent judges and other professionals in the state have acted as mock judges in our courtroom, dispensing insights that are prepared, candid, and constructive. Whether the judge you appear before at the Trial Science Institute agrees or disagrees with your approach, one thing is certain: you only stand to benefit from the experience.

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