Discovery Focus

"The ability to focus attention on important things is a defining characteristic of intelligence." -Robert J. Shiller

Whether you are representing a plaintiff or a defendant, how you frame the issues in your case can make the difference. This is true whether you, as most, negotiate a settlement, or whether you go to trial.

With Discovery Focus, you can consult with a representative jury at the outset of your case. This way, you can frame the issues in your case with the advice of the people whose opinion matters most: your jurors. A Discovery Focus project early in the case can refine your discovery plan and budget, and often keep you from spending money on discovery dead ends.

At the Trial Science Institute, we will arrange a representative jury who can offer you advice from the point of view you need. Alternatively, if you plan to instead face a judge or arbitrator, we can similarly connect you with experienced professionals who can offer invaluable insights into what is really important to your case.

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