Mock Trials

"A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer." -Robert Frost

A mock trial is a confidential learning tool that allows you to see your case though the your jurors' eyes. You present your case to mock jurors from all walks of life, and then watch them deliberate in real time as a "fly on the wall" in the jury room.

Jury Selection

We work with you to define the demographic and other characteristics of the mock jury, and then arrange for a professional firm to recruit and contract with jurors to appear.

Case Presentation

The mock trial is designed to explore key issues of your case. Most cases are presented with:

  • Short preliminary instructions
  • A presentation by each side's counsel, incorporating both argument and evidence
  • A rebuttal presentation if needed
  • Final jury instructions and explanation a special verdict form

With our experience, we can help you outline a presentation that is long enough to address the real issues yet short enough to be efficient and effective. For maximum impact, the presentations should be balanced, with your opponent's best case also presented to the jury. If for any reason a member of your trial team cannot assume that role, one of us or another Reinhart trial lawyer can "be" opposing counsel.

In addition, we typically prepare all of the instructions, special verdict, and other explanations to the jury, with your review and approval.


One of us is exclusively assigned to your mock trial. We handle all jury coordination responsibilities, from confidentiality agreements to recruitment to catering to parking passes. All you have to do is show up and present your case.

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